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Ho scritto questa lettera ad un dirigente della direzione sanità europea. Con questo inizia la battaglia per capire se questa nuova direttiva europea che permette agli Stati di vietare la possibilità di seminare mais Ogm è conforme agli Stati. Il prossimo mese di aprile si semina di nuovo mais Ogm.

Dear Ms. Chantal Bruetschy,From your letter dated 22.12.2017, I have learned that you have rejected my request   addressed to Mr.Juncker, president of the EU Commission, to retract the Directive 412/2015 on the ground that it violates EU Law.
Here I reaffirm my request to president Juncker and provide indisputable evidence that indeed Directive 412/2015 violates EU Law.
In fact, a recent sentence of the European Court of Justice has declared illegal the temporary ban on the cultivation of the transgenic maize hybrid (Bt) adopted by the Italian government in 2013 and with a historic sentence has stated clearly that the cultivation of MON 810 can be banned only in presence of scientifically sound evidence that it causes harm to humans and the environment.
In the light of this sentence  the motivations that, according to Directive 412/2015, member states can use to  prevent farmers from  cultivating   maize hybrids MON 810 are at best ridiculous and not legally sound.

Paradoxically Directive 412/2015 reaffirms the correctness the assessment made by EFSA with regard to he safety of MON 810 for humans  and for the environment and states clearly that member states can not ban the cultivation of MON 810 with motivation that conflict with the risk assessments made by EFSA.

Given the fact that EFSA has classified the the transgenic maize (Bt) MON 810 as substantially equivalent to conventional maize hybrids, I can not see on what  scientifically sound grounds EU Member states can ban its cultivation?

Certainly not on the  motivations enlisted on Directive 412/2015 and reported below, also because the cultivation procedures of maize MON 810 are identical to those of conventional maize hybrids with the advantage  that it does not require the application of insecticides:

(a) environmental policy objectives

(b) town and country planning

(c) land use;

(d) socioeconomic impacts;

(e) avoidance of GMO present in other products without prejudice to article 26a;

(f) agricultural policy objectives;

(g) public policy.

The  long term Spanish experience has  proven that   the cultivation of maize hybrids  MON 810 does not cause limitations
to the right of citizens to live in peaceful, healthy  and comfortable evironment.

In my opinion Directive 412/2015 was clearly inspired by anti-biotech activists specialized in spreading fake news on GMOs for the purpose disorienting and scaring the general public and the members of the Commission.

Time has come for the EU Commission to stop listening to  anti-biotech activists  and to take legal actions against them  if they keep challenging the risk assessments made on GMOs by the European Food Safety Agency,

Please don’t take on you the responsibility of rejecting this well motivated request!

Have president Juncker sign an official document in which he confirms his conviction that the risk assessment made by EFSA on the safety of the cultivation of MON 810 is correct and that he does not intend to adopt the concept outlined by the sentence of the ECJ with regard to criteria that must be fulfilled in oder to justify the adoption of bans on the cultivation of transgenic maize hybrids  (Bt) MON 810.

In the past  Mr. Juncker, president of the EU Commission has made the following statement:
“I also intend to review the legislation applicable to the authorisation of Genetically Modified Organisms. To me, it is simply not right that under the current rules, the Commission is legally forced to authorise new organisms for import and processing even though a clear majority of Member States is against .
The Commission should be in a position to give the majority view of democratically elected governments at least the same weight as scientific advice, notably when it comes to the safety of the food we eat and the environment in which we live”.
We interprete the words of Mr. Juncker as a vote of no confidence to the European Food Safety Agency that is in charge of  making safety assessments on behalf of all EU member states.

From the surveys made by Eurobarometer emerges that the majority of EU citizens  are against the cultivation of GMOs, this  because the Commission has failed to inform them properly with regard to  their real  impact on human health and the environment as assessed by EFSA.

Best regards

Giorgio Fidenato

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